1st Prize Workshop – Wanted Design

One week project – 2018 – New-York, USA
With 4 students (Pratt Institute, Strzeminski Academy of Art Lódz, Appalachian State University, ArtCenter, Strate).

Tools : Illustrator, photography, clay.

I participated in the WantedDesign’s Design Schools Workshop, during NYCxDesign, mixing students and mentors from all over the world. This year’s theme was « Future Heirloom ». What will it be ? How will we pass it down ?

Together we created Imprint.
Imprint is a smart wearable that transmits both the physical and intangible memories of your loved ones to future generations, acting as the surrogate of a loved one.
The heirloom captures the physical embrace between two people through its cast brass form, expressing the details and folds of the skin.

It is embedded with sensing technology that stores the history of a loved one through location tracking and heartbeat, in order to indicate a connection to place.
Data capturing is activated when two loved ones engage in the same gesture—or « Imprint » moment.

When the device gets passed down to the next generation, the user feels gentle pulses of warmth whenever he or she passes locations where « memory » data was captured.

Imprint is a response to our generation’s cultural shift, where experiences are more valued than objects within themselves. Our future heirloom is about passing down intangible experiences in a surrogate object, that lives and breathes with each generation.

We won the first prize of the competition.

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