Le Verger – FING

5 months project – 2017 – Paris, France
With 2 people (Strate).
Tools : Paper mock-ups, usability testing, Adobe XD, videography, Premiere Pro.

A 5-month project in collaboration with the Fing (New Generation Internet Foundation) concerning big data. The problem was the following question: « How can we re-use our data ? »

We started considering the fact that we register every day a lot of « favorites » : links, videos, articles or pictures all from different websites : facebook, youtube, information sites … We have in mind to read it later, but we easily forget or even lose them.
We wanted to create a place where the user can find all these favorites sorted: le Verger (the orchard).

The user can either find all of his personal favorites, in one same place, in private mode, or access the favorites of the community, to have quality content, in public mode. Furthermore, a plug-in application proposes the adapted favorites when working on different software, to inspire and help him in his work.

Because a video is worth a thousand words, here is the one of our project :
(English subtitles available)