Feel at home in a car – Renault

5 months – 2018 – Paris, France
With 4 people (Strate)
Tools : Drawings, After Effect, Illustrator, Premiere Pro.

This 5-month long project was in collaboration with Renault, a french automobile manufacturer. They asked us to reflect on the meaning of feeling at home in a car. We had the opportunity to work with 3 automotive-design students.

We explored in particular the notion of settling in, when you need to constantly move. Renault encouraged us to come up with bold ideas. Indeed, our persona was particular : a family evoluting in 2030, confronted to climate crisis. To avoid extreme temperature, they are obliged to move twice a year, like migratory birds. In this context, how can they move and live the world while keeping their landmarks ?

Tue user scenario is splitted in two phase, from the transhumance, to the daily life. The car is the link between both, responsible to advise the inhabitants to find and move to a new city, as well as helping them discover their new life. The car represent the family’s landmarks.

The car is divided in two parts. The motorized skeleton is shared with everyone, whereas the inside is personal, and compatible with the house. When arriving in a house, the car open on the side and push the personal tray inside, installing the inhabitants directly in their lounge. The house is then their home.

During the daily life, the car knows the users and allows them to adapt the atmosphere, manage the navigation or make some phone calls. This interface is directly onto the seats, thanks to an innovative fabric woven with LEDs.