Eat me

3 days – 2016 – Paris, France
With 3 people.
Tools : Paper mock-ups, Adobe XD, Illustrator.

3-days workshop at Strate. The goal of this workshop was to create a new application that combines two worlds: Tinder and a cooking application.

The idea here was to create an understandable interface in a few days. Eat me is a humorous concept that matches food lovers according to their culinary preferences. What better way to start a relationship than a good meal ?

We thought about food as a first step toward knowing each other. First, the user fills in a quick questionnaire to indicate his general tastes. Then, each day, he can choose up to 5 ingredients, depending on his mood. A profile is proposed each time, that corresponds exactly to the same ingredients. If it’s a match, both of them can meet up and cook the suggested recipe using all five of the ingredients chosen.