Design workshop for craftswomen

From 11/2017 to 12/2017 – Temuco, Chile
With Romain Delègue and Thibaud Prudhomme (Strate).

During a 5-month trip in Chile, following in the footsteps of pre-Columbian craftsmen, we volunteered with the CholChol Foundation, to help them with their graphic contents, photographs and furniture. The foundation helps Mapuche craftswomen to sell their creations.


Through 5 sessions of introduction to innovation, we presented the design methodology to 10 women of the foundation, and discussed with them how we could adapt it to sell more items.


The women explained to us how they create patterns, and products, and how they make it evolve.


We proposed some drawings of new objects, small enough to be carried by tourists, and which can be crafted on their Mapuche loom.
We discussed together how it could be made, with which colors and patterns, and then they prototyped it directly.


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