Design-thinking in Public Service

1 month – 2017 – Paris, France
With 2 people. Tools : design thinking, interviews, observation, workshops.

One-month project at the Information Services Directorate of Seine-Saint-Denis department.

The Information Services Directorate called on a small team of a developper, a commercial and a designer to immerse themselves in their daily life. This one-month project in the public service was meant to restore trust and recognition between employees.

Our problematic was: how can we increase confidence and improve communication between contributors? To do so, we had first to understand the history of the service to identify the causes of the problems. Then we conducted qualitative interviews, created playful workshops, organized some break times to give them moments to discuss and exchange, and engage them in our project.

At the end of our month, we had identified four principal problems : communication, tools, management and workspace. On these 4 themes we have created four posters, representing the remarks that we brought up during our interviews, as well as the ideas to solve them. They invite to engage in a longer discussion.