Furniture for CholChol Foundation

1 month – 2017 – Temuco, Chile
With 2 people (Strate).
Tools : drawings, wood and (real) tools.

During a 5-month trip in Chile, following the footsteps of pre-Columbian craftsmen, we volunteered with CholChol Foundation, to help them with their graphic contents, photographs and furniture. The foundation helps Mapuche craftswomen to sell their creations. A documentary was created at the end of our trip, bringing together our interviews and our discoveries from all over Chile.


The store of the foundation had old and really different pieces of furniture, which did not put forward the items for sale. 
We decided to, in two weeks, invent and build from scratch new pieces of furniture, with the smallest budget possible.


We wanted to focus on simple and timeless pieces, to showcase at its best wool textiles and ceramics of the craftswomen.
We used pinewood, a traditional tree of the region, to give an authentic and artisanal look, and no screw nor nail, so that it can still be deconstructed.  All of them are held by two-centimeter wooden wedges.

Four pieces of furniture were created : a big ladder wears heavy and large textiles, a large shelf supports smaller weavings and knits, a table on roulette welcomes the ceramics, and finally the corner shelf is used for culinary products.
In the store, two remnants of planks of wood were transformed into swings to highlight some textiles.


Click here to know more about the foundation.
Or here to follow the Tumblr of our trip.

You can see here the first version of our full documentary. A second version will soon be available !
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