Presentation device – CEA

4 months – 2017 – Paris, France
Tools : Drawings, 3D printing and cardboard mock-ups, Solidworks, Photoshop, photography.

I did an internship for the LISA (Sensory and Ambient Interfaces Laboratory), from the CEA (Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), a French public research organisation.


My aim was to create a device to present the features of their new prototype, a haptic button. Since it’s a sensitive object, I wanted to put all the focus on the button, for the client to really appreciate the effects.

To do so, I mainly worked with cardboard mockups, to be able to let people try it, and adjusted it then on the 3D model.
A transparent core allows the client to see through the device, and have a glimpse at what the technology really look like.

I designed especially the button so that it can offer a plurality of grips ; indeed, the aim was to project the clients, for them to imagine the product adapted to their needs. All around, some LEDs create a dynamic interaction with the users. They react depending on how the button is used and the screen content.

Below, the product being used during the CES 2018.