My name is Aliette Platiau, I’m a 22 years old French design student.

Growing up, I was interested mainly in science : biology or physics, while keeping a great interest for art, and more globally for creative activities.

When I had to find my way, I chose what seemed to be a perfect fit: design. At once son of science and art, but also of sociology and industry.

So I trained at Strate School of Design, where I specialized in interaction, to have a more comprehensive approach to the problem and to better understand the complexity of a service -or product- project.

As you may have seen, I like to work with different profiles, and scientists in particular. They help me going into the details of a project, and they create constraints that I find liberating.

I am today in my 5th and last year, and am looking for a 4-month internship as of September 2019.

Feel free to download my CV :